23rd Annual Shortcakes on the Blacktop Strawberry Festival helping people in need

The Episcopal Cathedral of St. James in South Bend held its 23rd Annual Shortcakes on the Blacktop Strawberry Festival Thursday.

It's an event that helps raise funds for organizations in the community that rely on donations, like St. Margaret's House.

"St. Margaret's House is a day center for women and children that struggle with poverty. We help women with their immediate needs through our lunch program and our access to showers and toiletries and clothing and telephones and computers,” said Kathy Schneider, Executive Director at St. Margaret's House.

Ora Scott is one of the many people who has been helped by St. Margaret's House.

"St. Margaret's House is a place for women and children to be if they are looking for love, compassion and just a place to go where they can just relax and sometimes just take the weight off. I first heard about St. Margaret's House quite a few years ago but I started coming here two years ago,” said Scott.

Two years ago Scott had a stroke, lost her income, and felt like she had hit rock bottom, but St. Margaret's House helped her get back on her feet.

"We do this all in the context of a supportive community where every women is valued for who she is and all her gifts and talents,” said Schneider.

It has been two years since Scott first got help from St. Margaret's House.

"I love what I have been able to become through St. Margaret's House. When I came through those doors I felt like I was crippled, ugly and I didn't have a place to go but now I feel beautiful and I'm an able body. I'm able to run and go where I want to go but I'm so grateful to St. Margaret's House for what they have done for me and improved my life,” said Scott.
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