25 area restaurants opening doors for holiday

NOW: 25 area restaurants opening doors for holiday


GRANGER, Ind. -- Christmas is just around the corner. People are busy picking up those last minute gifts, and maybe some groceries for Christmas dinner.

But others, aren't worrying too much about their special holiday meal. 

It's a growing trend for people to actually go out to eat, for both the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals. 

About 25 restaurants in the South Bend/Mishawaka area, plan to be open both days. 

Ruth's Chris, in Granger, is one of them.

This will be their first year. 

"We've had a lot of people ask us to be open for Christmas. We caved and we have a lot of people coming in," says Operating Partner, Tim Ruys. 

They have 500 people coming in for Christmas Eve and 300 people heading in for Christmas Day. 

Ruys says, it's a sign of changing times.

"I think that with mom working and with dad working, nobody has time to get all that cooking done like they used to," he explains. "And god bless them."

Ruys believes people just want a chance to make special memories, without the hassle of cooking an elaborate meal. 

"We have several people that say they started their Christmas Eve tradition here years ago, and now we have people saying, 'yep this is it,' he adds.  "This is our new Christmas tradition."

Because so many people are looking to eat out this holiday weekend, it's advised to call ahead and check to see each restaurants' availability and times. 

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