25th Annual America's Health Rankings Report released

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The United Health Foundation just unveiled their 25th Annual America's Health Rankings Report. They look at every state to see how they're doing when it comes to keeping their communities healthy. 

The Top 5 Healthiest States according to this study are Hawaii, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Utah. 

Indiana ranked 41st and Michigan ranked 35th, both the same place as last year. 

Susie Bright, a Niles woman preparing for gastric bypass surgery says she's been battling weight loss for a long time.

"It is a challenge for me to eat less," says Bright. 

Senior Medical Adviser with the United Health Foundation says Susie is not alone.

"Nearly a third of our nation is reporting that they are obese," says Dr. Rhonda Randall, D.O.

In the newly published ranking report, Dr. Randall says concerns about losing weight is a major national trend.

"Physical activity and obesity are the two majors that we're most concerned about because they're on the rise," says Dr. Randall. 

In order to change that, Dr. Randall says the solutions are local. For instance, making fresh fruits and vegetables easier for people to get a hold of.

"I wish they were less expensive," says Bright.

The study found the country as a whole performed well when it comes to treating diseases like diabetes and obesity but the prevention of those is something that needs to be improved. 

"That really comes from individuals making healthier lifestyle choices and from communities making healthier lives," says Dr. Randall. 

For the full study and how to make your state's ranking higher for next year, click

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