'25th Annual Winter Walk' symbolizing a walk in the shoes of women in need

NOW: ’25th Annual Winter Walk’ symbolizing a walk in the shoes of women in need

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - What does it mean to walk a mile in her shoes? At St. Margaret's House it symbolizes the length women must walk in the winter to get a hot meal from the Day Center for Women in downtown South Bend.

The "25th Annual Winter Walk" started today at the downtown library and ended at St. Margaret's.

Dozens of people came out to walk to support those who may not have the luxury of owning a car or getting stable transportation.

St. Margaret's guests and volunteers shared with ABC57 what their community of women means to them.

Kasasanda Yobbe, a volunteer at St. Margaret's House, stated, "I just love coming here to be able to have a fellowship, we build friendships, we've been able to build family. There's women that are homeless, i've been homeless before. Last year for three months. So, I know how hard it is, especially in the cold with children. So, it's a really great place to be able to come and have a hot breakfast, and have a hot lunch, and then be able to sit down, cry with each other, smile with each other, and give each other hugs and pray for each other."

Korah Allen, the Kitchen Manager at St. Margaret's house, added, "i've learned so much about being a woman from so many other amazing women surrounding me every day. I learned so much about myself, I learned so much about food, about how we can join in communion through food, and what that means for people who maybe don't have access to that food."

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