3rd Annual Golic SubPar Classic Golf outing

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Former Notre Dame football players brought their friendly banter to Warren Golf Course in a race to this year's jackets.

The Golic SubPar Classic started on Saturday with a fundraising event to give back to local organizations, including the Logan Center, the Humane Society, Center for the Homeless, Cultivate Food Rescue and the Ronald McDonald House.

"Our Golic Family Foundation mission is to help area organizations and charities," said event host & Notre Dame legend Mike Golic Sr.

"When you get to know people like the Golic's that value the community that is the Michiana community and giving back to it. That's what's important is us coming together for a great cause. But also having fun," said former Notre Dame Running Back Reggie Brooks.

There was plenty of fun to go around, while trying to take down last year's winners, Dayne Crist and Braxston Cave.

"So last year, we had a nice little mix. Paul was here. Dan was here, Braxston (Cave) was here. Kyle (Rudolph) was with us. They said that that was a little too much horsepower for year two. So, they broke up the band and Kyle's with another group. He's been texting us. His group is playing terrible, and he's been telling us how much he wishes he was still with us," Crist mentioned.

"I'm trying to repeat with a new team. So, we'll have bragging rights over Dayne and Braxston and those guys. If we can go out here and get it with a new group this year," said former Notre Dame Tight End Kyle Rudolph.

Rudolph kept a good reputation, but every seemed to point fingers as the former running back, Reggie Brooks.

"I have reason to believe that Reggie Brooks this year may actually be at the heart of one of the greater cheating scandals in the history of this golf tournament. So, I'm very worried about that," said former Notre Dame football lineman Mike Golic Jr.

"Reggie (Brooks) so far has the long drive. He's up there for closest to the pin. I'm not really sure how. I've seen his golf game and my seven-year-old daughter's better. So, I'm not sure what's happening on this course today but so far, he's winning every single possible award out there," said former Notre Dame Quarterback Brady Quinn.

In good fashion, Brooks had a good reason for why certain players may have pointed him out.

"See it's those quarterbacks, they never liked being shown up because they're the pretty boys, they're the pretty boys," Brooks said.

"So, you'd expect that from the front runner guys, you know, they like to be seen, they know they got the face on the camera," Brooks added.

Although Brooks didn't go home with a green jacket, he walked away with the award for longest shot and closest pin shot for the men.

ABC57 Kickoff host Allison Hayes won longest drive for women.

This year's group winner for the 3rd Annual Golic SubPar Classic were: Allen Pinkett, Paul Taskalos, and Weston Hull.

Click here to learn more about the Golic Foundation.

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