420 Festivals are happening throughout Michigan this weekend. But are they legal?

NOW: 420 Festivals are happening throughout Michigan this weekend. But are they legal?


JONES, Mich. --- Pot parties coming to the Mitten State this weekend. Legal recreational marijuana in Michigan is paving the way for 420 festivals on Saturday.

One concert is happening in Cass County this weekend. The festivals are advertised as a place to you can eat, drink and smoke marijuana.

But is it all legal? It all comes back down to Michigan’s current laws on marijuana.

Essentially, these festivals are legal as long as you’re over 21 in a private setting because there’s nothing illegal about smoking marijuana now in Michigan.

JJ Smith is organizing the 420 concert in Jones, Michigan this Saturday. He’s pretty confident they’re not breaking the law.

“We’re not doing anything illegal,” Smith said.

The festival venue is situated just off of M-40 at the speedway

“The day itself, it’s just a Saturday,” Smith said. “We are a private event there is no smoking sign but obviously …”

It’s being billed as just a concert in a state where recreational marijuana is now legal.

“We’re just throwing a concert, we’re not selling or promoting anything outside of that,” Smith said.

So they won’t be selling marijuana and the event is only for people 21 and over on private property, so let’s hear from the prosecutor.

“In Michigan under the recreational marijuana law, it does allow a person to use marijuana in the privacy of their home in a private setting,” Victor Fitz said. “420 festivals likely are in violation of the law.”

But not this one. Anyone who’s coming to the festival will be in the pit in the speedway. You’re completely out of public view so whether you chose to smoke or not, you won’t be seen.

“We really wanted to throw a 420 concert to symbolize the end of prohibition and how we’re moving forward as a state,” Smith said.

They say they have the legal bases covered, so if you’re over 21, they claim there’s nothing to fear.

“It’s gonna be a dog day at the fair and everyone should be prepared to come out and have a good time.”

You can expect food vendors, craft vendors, carnival games and performances from John Sinclair and David Asher at the speedway this weekend.

More info and where to buy tickets here.

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