50th Anniversary of Blueberry Festival

If you’re still looking for Labor Day weekend plans, you might have to look no further than one of Indiana’s largest free four day festivals in Indiana.

Friday is Day 1 of the Marshall County Blueberry Festival in Plymouth and this time around, year 50, has a lot of new attractions.

50 years of food booths, craft vendors, and free entertainment.  All of that is what the festival is celebrating this year.

If you like log rolling, axe throwing, dragster chainsaws, sawing, and anything to do with lumber, this year the festival will hold the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show which promises to be both historical and educational.

“Well when they come and see us they’re going to see some of the old time skills and all they have to do is expect fun, cause that’s what it’s about, it’s just nothing but pure fun, you’re gonna see the guys that are on ESPN, you’re gonna see some of the other guys on other television shows that they’ve done, it’s all gonna be here, it’s gonna be a blast,” says Lee LeCaptain, owner of the Paul Bunyan Show.

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