57 Minute Miracle: Catholic Community Center


At the Catholic Community Center in Benton Harbor, Sister Maureen McGraff helped ABC57's Emily Evans find the latest recipient of the 57 Minute Miracle.

Benton Harbor's Catholic Community Center is a place where people can get food for the holidays.

Sister Maureen McGraff spends her days helping others.

"We help with food, we help with utilities, we help with our little thrift store. We just started a computer class and GED to help people. We want to help raise people up, and so we do a lot of assistance," said McGraff.

We asked Sister McGraff to help us find someone who needed a miracle.

"I've given some thought to that and we have a wonderful woman here who really, really could use a miracle today," said Sister McGraff.

She introduced us to Rose Hicks.

"Rose is one of our wonderful clients and I think she could really use a miracle," said Sister McGraff.

ABC57's Emily Evans: Hi, Rose, how are you today?
Rose: I'm blessed, I'm blessed thank you, how are you?
Evans: I'm good thank you. We're here today to make a miracle happen for our 57 Minute Miracle series and Sister McGraff has chosen you today. Your miracle today is $570 in cash.
Rose: Oh my lord. Thank you so very much. God bless you! Thank you so much! I'm sorry I'm just a little bit overwhelmed.
Evans: Rose, how does it feel to have Sister pick you for the 57 Minute Miracle.
Rose: It's unbelievable. I had no clue. And I've got chills. I just didn't have any clue as to why she came and got me. Because I figured oh well I'm going to go get some food and then I'll come back home, but she didn't tell me. It is a blessing to have someone care or think of you in this capacity.

Rose is no stranger to loss. She lost her son a few years ago.

"It still feels like it happened yesterday," said Rose.

He was injured in a car accident and eventually died.

Ever since - Rose has been on her own, relying on the help of others, like Sister McGraff.

"She's been there for me in so many ways," said Rose.

"She just stuck out in my mind because of her story," said Sister McGraff.

A sister with a simple mission.

"Remember what you told me that you did last winter because you had roofing expenses and you turned the gas off tell them what you did to keep yourself warm?" Sister McGraff asked Rose.

"Oh I went around the neighborhood and gathered up limbs, tree branches and put them in my fireplace to keep warm. But the lord makes way you know he made a way for me," said Rose.

$570 later…

"It's going to take a lot of stress off of me," Rose said.

A woman who always puts her needs aside to help others finally gets some help herself.

"My prayers have been answered because you really don't know how you're going to make it or where is the money going to come from or if you're going to make it through the day," Rose said.

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