57 Minute Miracle heads to The Diner


A waitress in New Carlisle served a lot of customers over her 16 years as the owner of  The Diner. Some become regulars and a few become new friends. Last Wednesday, one customer received a very special surprise, our ABC 57 Minute Miracle.

It all started during the dinner rush at The Diner off Michigan Street in downtown New Carlisle. Jessica Varga was serving up the special the only way a small town can: with a familiar face, a smile and some home-cooked food.

"We always joke that there is no place finer than the diner," said Varga.

Customers seem to agree who come back week after week. "We have been going here even before Jessica owned it and the people are always fun to be around," said one regular.

Varga thought ABC 57 was there to find a customer to help make our next 57 Minute Miracle happen and give away $570 in cash, but instead we decided this hard working waitress should determine who gets a little extra cash this holiday season.

ABC 57's Kim Chappell approached her in the kitchen, "Hi, guess what?  We are not here for one of your customers we are here for you! We want to give you this to give to someone in your community. Do you think you can help us spread the joy?," she asked.

Varga quickly replied, "Absolutely! That is amazing!"

The catch? Varga has to find her recipient and hand deliver that cash within 57 minutes. Luckily, in a small town like New Carlisle everyone lives nearby. Varga and Chappell arrive at house just about 10 minutes later to surprise a mother of two named Amy Moore.

As ABC 57's crew knocks on the door, a surprised woman answers. "Hi! Are you Amy?" Chappell asked, "Guess what? My name is Kim Chappell, I'm with ABC 57 News and your good friend Jessica here has nominated you for our 57 Minute Miracle. Here is $570 in cash that she wants you to have," she said.

Amy Moore was so surprised by the offer it brought her to tears, and as it sank in her kids came out to see what all the commotion was about and were also brought to tears.

"She has worked really hard for all the stuff we've gotten and she 's still pushed through...  we made it," her daughter said.

They made it through almost unthinkable circumstances.

"Well 14 years ago on Thanksgiving I lost my husband. Then seven years ago I lost Jamie's dad on New Year's Eve. Just raising the kids doing what I can," Moore said.

Now with $570 a weight is lifted, at least for now.

"It pays the mortgage right now this month which means I won't have to scrimp and save for Christmas next month," Moore said through tears.

This twice widowed wife can put off getting a third job.

Perhaps spend some time at The Diner, thanking her favorite waitress, her dear friend and tonight her miracle maker.

"Thank you, you do it all year round for me but thank you very much ," Moore said to Varga.

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