57 Minute Miracle stops by Buchanan Christian Church

BUCHANAN, Mich. - ABC 57 heads to Buchanan for 57 Minute Miracle number two. The team stops by a church after Sunday worship, where they ask the pastor to help them find a parishioner who deserves a miracle.

Buchanan Christian Church is a haven for believers in miracles, but this time, Pastor Nate Babcock agrees to help make a miracle happen.

At first, Pastor Nate was overwhelmed by the prospect of having to choose just one person to give $570, but eventually long-time parishioner Nancy Bicard came to mind.

“I don’t know that Nancy has a specific need. That’s not why I think of her. I think of her because she’s always giving of herself to other people. She’s just tireless in visiting people that are shut in and sick. She just stands out as a person who is full of compassion and always serving others,” said Babcock.

With sights set on Nancy, Pastor Nate and the 57 Minute Miracle team set the timer to 57 minutes and set off to find her.

The pastor soon realized Nancy had already left church, so he and the team had to visit a couple of her go-to-spots until they finally met up with her back at church.

The ABC 57 team followed him to one of her favorite restaurants—and struck out.

So, they headed back to the church, where Pastor Nate’s wife had convinced Nancy to return.

When Pastor Nate surprised Nancy with the miracle, $570, Nancy at first was speechless, eyes welling up with tears.

“She’s always giving, always serving. Always visiting people who can’t get out and about and need a friend. Always visiting people who can’t get out and about and need a friend… she always puts others ahead of herself, and I wanted her to be the one to receive for once,” said Pastor Nate.

“The only hesitant thing is you do it because you want to do it, because your heart tells you to, not because rewards. It bothers me to have people like they have to brag about it. That’s between you and the lord. It really is, and the gratification. It really just makes you feel so good to be able to help people,” said Nancy Bicard.

She’s hoping that if people get anything out of her surprise story, it’s that the best reward is doing something kind for someone else.

“If you can help somebody else, because everyone’s not as fortunate as we are, just spend those dollars. It’s just so rewarding that way, and teach your kids the same thing…We’ve just got to start loving more and doing more and giving more,” said Nancy.

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