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6 offenders, 17 staff members test positive for COVID-19 in Indiana correctional facilities

INDIANAPOLIS—The Indiana Department of Correction is reporting that multiple offenders and staff members have tested positive for COVID-19.

As of April 5, a total of six offenders and 17 staff members tested positive for the novel coronavirus across all Department of Correction facilities in the state.

The Indiana DOC said it will continue to test staff members and offenders in accordance with CDC guidelines. 

Symptomatic offenders are separated from other offenders, the DOC said. 

The DOC did not say what facilities the COVID-19 positive patients were housed in. 

For more information about the DOC’s response to coronavirus, visit the state’s website.

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Loretta 44 days ago
I'm sure they will wait until most have it then wonder why they cant control it..and then want to send everyone home.. to spread it even more.. they are idiots
CarlaConley 50 days ago
There are cases at westville correctional facility too they are horrible people..they have no soap no hand sanitizer no chemicals to clean and the don't even keep them 6 feet apart in the chow hall ...makes them sit all right next to each other.......this place is crap and they don't care about them inmates at all!!!!!!
CarlaConley CarlaConley 50 days ago
They dont care about them....they are still people and have families
SheriSegner CarlaConley 50 days ago
They need to release anyone who is already coming home this year! This makes no sense to keep them inside where they will not get the proper medical care if they do get it! Praying for all your loved ones inside these prisons
HolleeandMatthewNeff 50 days ago
They should really start releasing inmates because jail/prison is just more breading grounds for the virus. The inmates have no way of doing self distancing. The guards get to come and go and bring the virus into the facilities.
AngelicDillon 50 days ago
6 confirmed cases in Indiana women's prison... 4 more being tested heard infected people from Rockville will be coming here to be put in quarantine on unit one! this is a message from my loved one whos locked up there waiting on time cut so she can get out April 19 but she just said due to lockdown because of COVID-19 there not doing time cuts so she won't get out till normal day May 20th by then she could have COVID-19
JulieBrowns 51 days ago
Indiana women’s prison and Plainfield Correctional Facility-
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