70-Year-old slammed to the ground and trampled by cattle

Warsaw, IN – An elderly woman was seriously injured Wednesday morning in an accident on her farm.

70-year-old Kathleen Boggs was trying to help rescue a cow whose head got stuck in between the steel prongs on a heavy steel gate. When the cow got free he knocked into her pushing her over and essentially falling on top of her.

The accident happened at the family’s farm near 450 South around 8 a.m.

It’s estimated the cow weighed at least 1,000 pounds.

Kathleen’s husband called their son Dennis who lives just down the street. When he got to the farm he found his mom laying on the ground.

 “I heard her yelling for help and I took running and jumped the fence and got to her as fast as I could,” Bogg said.

Bogg carried his mom from the soybean field over to a trailer until emergency crews arrived.

Meanwhile all the cattle, some 30 heads were able to escape, running into a nearby corn field on the family’s property.

The family dog Candy came to the rescue, herding all the cattle from the field back into their gated area.

 “She has several scrapes and bruises but she is doing good. They want to keep her over night,” said Boggs.

Kathleen was rushed to Kosciusko Community Hospital and later airlifted to Parkview Medical Center in Fort Wayne.

She suffered three broken ribs, a broken hip, broken femur and a broken leg. She was basically crushed on one side of her body.

She underwent surgery on her leg Wednesday afternoon. Ironically it is the same leg that was broken a few years back in another accident involving a cow.

Boggs is expected to be released from the hospital as soon as Thursday.

A long recovery at home awaits her.



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