A block party with fun and financial advice for kids

NOW: A block party with fun and financial advice for kids

SOUTH BEND,Ind. – Back to school is kicked off officially with a block party Sunday hosted by the Fremont Youth Foundation. It is the sixth annual block party held at Fremont Park on South Bend’s west side.

The day will feature entertainment, food and information teaching kids about saving money at an early age, according to co-founder, Blu Casey.

“We’ll be able to talk about financial empowerment for the youth. We’ll talk about saving money, things like that. We’ll also be having youth mentors out, a lot of public speakers coming out. We’ll have Boomer out for one thing so we’ll have a lot of live performances, a lot of youth performances coming out but the main thing, the main message we want to send is unity and specially right now with all the violence that’s going on in the neighborhood we want to send out youth empowerment for our youth because they are the future leaders of our neighborhood and our community," Casey said.

The Fremont Youth Foundation is using the event to help invest in the low income neighborhoods and spread a positive message to all kids.

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