A celebration of Black History Month at a South Bend school

NOW: A celebration of Black History Month at a South Bend school

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - An Afro-Mexican dance company gave a history of dance presentation to students at Coquillard Elementary School as part of a celebration of Black History Month.

The Mexican dance company, Alma Cimarrona, is all about helping teach students about Afro-Mexican culture through movement and song.

Administrators here say, with many students coming from black and brown families, that the more they know about their own history, the more they know about themselves.

As part of today's presentation South Bend Common Councilman Oliver Davis Jr. presented a special proclamation honoring and celebrating Alma Cimarrona for their contributions to history and culture. 

“Our students need to be able to see the rich culture and history that African Americans have not only played in the United States but also in the country of Mexico and to see how we are blended and a part of our rich history," said Oliver Davis Jr.

Alma Cimarrona mostly travels throughout Mexico, but now they are working towards branching out and sharing their culture with youth around the United States.

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