A local apartment complex is failing to help tenants

NOW: A local apartment complex is failing to help tenants

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- A number of residents at the Waterford Glen Apartments complex say that management is allowing the living conditions to get progressively worse.

“I’m not the only person that’s suffering out here. This is just not right,” one resident said.

That resident shared how the complex’s broken air conditioning system has made tenants suffer during the hot summer weather.

“I have high blood pressure and I can’t get overly heated. I get anxiety. I get worried about that stuff. Central air, that’s what I signed up for. I didn’t sign up for a window unit that small in my apartment. It does not cool my bedroom off,” that resident added.

A different resident commented on the lowering sense of safety due to recent shootings around the complex and the limited security measures put in place by management.

“No safety for the resident’s part of what happened that took place with that first shooting back in October. They had easy access to it. Had there been a security, a door lock, a code, there could have been a prevention,” another resident said.

A number of residents from the complex have commented that they will be taking these issues up with city leaders to get some results and changes for these ongoing problems.

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