A new "Hawk" swoops into the Cove

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Folks had the chance of a lifetime at the Cove Saturday!

Hall of Famer Andre Dawson was there signing autographs!

He's an outfielder who played with the Chicago Cubs in the early 90's.
Nicknamed "The Hawk", Dawson was inducted into the Hall of Fame just two years ago.
And, we found one fan who met him once before when he was 12-years-old!
"It was wonderful to be able to meet him and show my son who my childhood baseball hero was. And I think when he gets older, me and him looking back on this, it will be a really special day," said baseball fan, Michael Riggs.
Dawson just released his autobiography If You Love This Game, an MVP's guide to baseball back in May.

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