A new Titanic themed escape room opens in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Outsmart Escapes is pleased to announce the opening of their third escape room experience at Tippecanoe Place in South Bend.

This is the company's 6th escape room among three locations in Michiana.

The latest installment "Titanic" opens on Friday, December 14, 2018.

Unlike other escape rooms, "Titanic" was designed for an ideal date night in mind. Participants will race against the clock to save themselves from the inevitable voyage of the RMS Titanic.

"The idea is that you're a not-so-lucky passenger aboard the Titanic with your significant other and must find the means of escaping before it's too late," said Aaron Smith, co-owner of Outsmart Escape Rooms.

"You're in danger and working together as a team is vital for survival."

The challenge scenario is that you're one of the many couples aboard the famous Titanic during the luxury steamer's Maiden voyage to New York.

During your stay, you take advantage of the exquisite accommodations by touring a Galleria full of fine art, jewelry and clothing proudly presented by first class passengers. We all know what happens next. You must work swiftly before it's too late!

The attraction is ideally located in the heart of downtown South Bend at the Historic Tippecanoe Place Restaurant so visitors can enjoy a meal or drinks before or after their reservation time.

"It's the perfect combination to a memorable night out," said Kevin Jakel, General Manager of Tippecanoe Place Restaurant.

"We've proudly partnered with Outsmart Escapes and now offer 10% off your total purchase to either Tippecanoe Place or the Studebaker Brewing Co. with each booking confirmation."

Outsmart Escape Rooms was a first of its kind in the area and is part of a national trend of exciting escape room venues. Great for parties, team building efforts or simply a fun night out. Escape rooms appeal to a wide variety of people and are good for a wide range of ages.

Outsmart Escape Rooms in South Bend, is primarily open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings; however each room has additional seasonal hours. Reservations are required.

To see available times and make a reservation, go to their website, outsmartescapes.com.

For special requests, call 269-262-4389.

Outsmart Escape Rooms South Bend, IN is located at 620 W Washington St.

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