Groundbreaking ceremony for new town hall and fire station

NOW: Groundbreaking ceremony for new town hall and fire station

MIDDLEBURY, Ind. -- Yoder Construction announces a major renovation project at the groundbreaking ceremony inside the fire station on Tuesday.

The celebration marked new beginnings for the town moving into the construction stage.

Yoder construction preparing to start breaking down walls of the existing fire station this week.

Two structures that will be renovated are the Middlebury Fire Station and Town Hall.

Director of Business Development Nate Yoder says the project covers 9,500 square-foot from the existing facility and will provide a more modernized workspace.

“The exterior will be a complete remodel upgrade so it’s really going to be a neat opportunity for the town to create a centerpiece of this facility but also give their first responders an upgraded place to serve and do their best,” said Yoder.

Some added amenities are new firefighter living quarters that will provide first responders each with their bunk beds, kitchen areas, offices, lounge space, and a balcony area.

Middlebury Fire Chief Jeff Wogoman says the existing station has been there for about 20 years and the new firefighter living quarters will help fire responders establish more stable routines.

“It’s going to give the firefighter their own personal space. A place to relax in the evening, give them time to wind down. As far as benefiting the community itself. You know, we're just going to have more refreshed firefighters,” said Wogoman.

Yoder also says it’s a place where it will be more accessible to both town representatives and first responders.

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