A quick taste of fall over the weekend

NOW: A quick taste of fall over the weekend


We received a little taste of fall this weekend as the clouds and showers stuck around farther south, but it was chilly. If you were outside at any point this weekend, you had to trade the shorts and the t-shirts for long sleeves. These high temperatures didn't even crack the 70s for most of Michiana and we even got close to some records! Saturday's high was tied for 4th place as we only got to 65 degrees, which is only one degree shy of the 3rd place mark. Sunday was a farther away as more sunshine peaked out here and there. But, the next 3 months could be far different from what we saw over the weekend.

Temps could be warmer than normal, overall, for the next 3 months. This forecast from the Climate Prediction Center takes us through November. This does not mean we won't get a few cold shots as the end of year approaches. But, odds are, you'll be able to keep those heavy coats in the closet for a little longer than normal this year.

Now that we're done with the showers, it's time to look forward to a nice stretch of dry weather we'll have for this week and possibly into the middle of September as well. Take a look at what the Climate Prediction Center has for our area. Most of the lower Great Lakes region has at least a chance of seeing the drier weather continue past our 10 day forecast and into the middle of the month. That could create some impacts, both good and bad, for us. First off, some indications of drought may creep back into Michiana. We're still abnormally dry out to the west and central Michigan has not recovered from the middle of the summer. This could lead to some agricultural problems across the area, so those late summer and early fall harvests are going to have to be watched carefully.

Another impact could be assoicated with the beautiful fall colors! Heavy rains and overall wet conditions doesn't exactly mix well with a long timetable for viewing the different reds, oranges, and browns. The crisp, dry weather actually helps turn the leaves a little earlier than normal, so we'll have to wait and see what the rest of the month actually brings.

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