A South Bend women is right in path of Hurricane Irene after moving to the coast.



    A woman who grew up in the mid-west just moved to massachusetts.

    She has lived all her life in chicago..elkhart..and south bend!!

   She has only lived there for a week and a half!!!

   And although she knows all about survivng blizzards..

   She has never been through a hurricane before!!!

    Our team coverage continues right now with abc 57's jaclyn kelley who shares her story with us.

     Jaclyn talk about some bad timing..


 Really bad timing brian.

   If she had just waited a couple of weeks she would have missed out on all this.

   She says

She has never been through a hurricane before which is why she is preparing for the worst.

      Rebecca sent pictures to us of the approaching storm and also showed us everything she has stocked up on.

Right now she has 3 gallon jugs of water in her apartment.

     Along with non-parishable food... Like garnola bars and..... Peanut butter and jelly...

Things that don't need to be cooked or re-fridgerated if the power goes out.

   Rebecca says she plans to hunker down in her apartment and only leave if she is forced to.

In the mean time ....she say thick, dark clouds have rolled in and she says she is already getting lots of rain.

'S pretty scary, it's pretty humbling because we are 8 miles inland and that is nothing in comparison to how big the storm is. Ya know there are big trees outside my window and a window in my bathroom so its not like we can go in there.

Rebecca...moved to to waltham to go to school.

She is a grad student at brandeis (brand-dice)..

 She says people are taking this storm very seriously.

    Brandies university has cancelled there student orientations....but she did say that the public transit system is one thing that has not been affected...unlike places like new jersey and new york who have shut-down mass transit.

Live in the studio....jaclyn kelley....abc 57 news.

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