A St. Joseph business teams up with a nonprofit for a unique project

ST. JOSEPH, Mich. – St. Joseph Today and Holt Bosse teamed up for a mural project in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan.

The Holt Bosse building in the 100 block of State Street now holds an interactive mural on its outer wall.

The mural is part of a project started in 2018 with a permanent mural on the back of the Welcome Center and continued over the summer of 2019 with a temporary mural on the bluff stairs.

Executive director of St. Joseph Today, Amy Zapal, said that the project has received much positive feedback from the community.

“A handful of private property owners have expressed interest and support for the ongoing mural project. We plan to continue through a variety of partnerships and with the help of local and regional artists,” she said.

The latest mural was painted by Shawn McCann, an artist based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is an interactive piece meant to engage the community.

Shawn McCann, the artist behind the new interactive mural in downtown St. Joseph, Michigan.

There is enough room for people to stand in with the art for selfies and other pictures that make it look like the person is a part of the art.

This project was completed in part due to donations from Pantelleria Construction Services and Sherwin Williams.

Another mural is planned to be completed in the spring of 2020.

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