A taste of Flavor 574: Piesgiving, Electric Brew & gifts for foodies

Flavor 574 Editor Joe Kuharic joins ABC 57 morning anchor Emily Evans on the desk to talk about delivering delicious holiday cheer.

Electric Brew

A Goshen coffee shop credits its Business of the Year award from Indiana Main Street to one thing:relationships.

It's not just about how employees establish relationships with customers, or how the cafe's owners set out to create a cafe that feels like a caffeinated home away from home. Myron Bontrager has built working relationships all over the world with the farmers who grow the beans that get ground up and end up in your cup. Read more about other ways Electric Brew is committed to the downtown Goshen community here.

Piesgiving: Not just for March

Flavor 574 food and restaurant critic Marshall King is an old pro at throwing Piesgivings with friends around the holidays. Since 2012, he's been hosting at least one night a year where he invites a handful of pie-lovers over to feast. Don't get fooled into thinking it's all about the sweets; savory pies can, and are, just as tasty. King ventures so far as to suggest a taco pie. They can be normal-sized. They can be mini muffin-sized. Any size is fine, as long as guests don't show up without one. For more tips on how to throw your own Piesgiving before the year's end, check out King's column.

Gifts for Foodies

There's still time to grab gifts before Christmas. An easy strategy to ensure you don't have to wait on shipping or wait in huge lines at chain stores is to stick to local shops! There are lots of great spots you might not know about to find gifts for the food lover in your life. Local breweries are offering spring mug club passes already-- a great gift for somebody who appreciates craft brews. Check out Flavor 574's story for other ideas.

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