A taste of Flavor 574: Watermelons, meateries and Kansas City BBQ


There's a mountain of melons that need to be moved in Elkhart County, and Flavor 574 food critic and restaurant critic for the Elkhart Truth, Marshall King, joined our morning team to talk about it.

A Niles, Mich. farmer donated thousands of pounds of watermelons to Church Community Services last week, in hopes they can further distribute the produce to agencies, churches and food pantries who need it. The melons need to be picked up soon before they over-ripen.

A Warsaw restaurant that's been open less than a year is seeing such good business in the afternoon and evening hours, the owners have opted to start a reservation system.

You can now call ahead to One Ten Craft Meatery to reserve a table. The owners said they want to keep out-of-town diners from waiting a long time to get a table after making the drive to eat there.

Marshall King has sampled a lot of different flavors of barbeque in his years as a food and restaurant critic, so there was a lot of hype surrounding a recent trip to the epicenter of all things BBQ: Kansas City.

But after sampling authentic KC BBQ from three different famous spots, he says the smoky-spicy combinations were worth the trip. You can read his full article in his Dining A La King column here.

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