A very snowy winter thus far

NOW: A very snowy winter thus far


Snow, snow and more snow. That has been the common denominator in the forecast thus far in the month of February. Each of the first 11 days of the month came with snow. On ten of them, the snow was measurable (more than 0.1"). This winter has featured 82.2" of snow for South Bend, which is good for 8th place all-time. 

However, we don't need much snow to climb the ranks even more. To reach the top-5, South Bend only needs to record another 5.2" of snowfall by the end of February. While reaching the top-3 seems like a difficult task, climbing into the top-4 is certainly not too far fetched. It's important to remember that the totals shown above represent total snowfall during the winter season; that includes December, January and February only. 

Each of the first 11 days of February featured accumulating snow. As a result, one would think our streak of consecutive days with measurable snow would be 11. However, South Bend officially only recorded a "trace" of snow on February 10th. In order to be deemed measurable snow, there needs to be at least 0.1" of new snow on the ground. That did not occur in South Bend on Saturday, February 10th. While other locations across Michiana certainly saw at least 0.1" of snow on the 10th, South Bend did not. Therefore, our streak of consecutive days with measurable snow ended at nine. That is the 17th-longest such streak in history for South Bend. The longest such streak of 16 days occurred twice in the 1900s.

The first 11 days of the month produced quite a bit of snow as well. A total of 27.8" fell during that period. If you aren't a fan of the snow, though, the forecast for the next ten days will likely put a smile on your face. That's because between February 13th and 22nd, there are zero days with accumulating snow in the forecast. There are two days in which we may see some snowflakes fall, but accumulating snow is highly unlikely! In addition, temperatures look to be warmer! The average high over the next ten days or should end up around 38° or so! That includes a handful of days in the 40s! 

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