Aaron Trejo sentenced to 65 years for murder and feticide

NOW: Aaron Trejo sentenced to 65 years for murder and feticide

SOUTH BEND, Ind.— Emotions ran high for family and friends of former Mishawaka High School student Breana Rouhselang as ex-boyfriend Aaron Trejo was sentenced inside St. Joseph County Courthouse Tuesday morning.

A judge announced Trejo will spend 65 consecutive years in prison for the murder of 17-year-old Rouhselang and their unborn child back in December of 2018, when police found her body in a dumpster behind a Mishawaka restaurant.  

55 years of the sentence will be served for Rouhselang’s stabbing, and 10 for the killing of their fetus.

“When it comes to a tragedy like this, nothing is fair,” deputy prosecutor Christopher Fronk said. “He deserves more than 65 years.”

Rouhselang’s mother Melissa Wallace said that while her daughter and granddaughter’s murderer will be put away for a long time, nothing will erase her devastation.

“I’m glad we got justice for Bre,” Wallace said. “But no amount of time will replace what he took from me.”

Before the verdict, the families of both Trejo and Rouhselang shared emotional statements.

Trejo looked distraught at times while hearing his mother and brother speak.

Before his sentencing was read aloud, Trejo uttered these final words to the judge:

“There is no excuse. Sorry won’t be enough. That’s all I can give you right now. That’s it.”

Although the sentencing is over, the pain of losing daughter Breana and the unborn child named ‘Aurora’ will stay with Wallace forever.

 “It’ll never be over,” Wallace said. “I’m living a nightmare every day. I’m hoping it’ll get easier.”

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