ABC57 in Miami: Media Day for the BCS

MIAMI -- The Fighting Irish have dealt with their fair share of hype and excitement this season. A sea of cameras and reporters hounded the players and coaches during Saturday's chaotic media day free-for-all.

And the question that came up the most?

"What are you thinking about when you run out on the field in a game or before a big kick like in Oklahoma or even the national championship game?" said Irish kicker Kyle Brindza. "That's the question I get asked the most."

And when ABC57 asked the players to ask each other questions, that one seemed to be winner.

So, ABC57 decided to put a different spin on media and put the microphone in the hands of the players and let them try to ask the questions.

Turns out, they are pretty good at our jobs.

Sunday is the last the opportunity to talk to with coaches before the big game in Miami.

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