ABC57 in Miami: Notre Dames first practice in Fla.

MIAMI, Fla. – The Notre Dame football team spent Thursday practicing for next Monday’s championship game. The team was looking confident and fluid on the field. ABC57’s Jillian Mahen spoke with the Irish defense about Alabama’s offense.

After a 12-and-0 season, it's the beginning of the end.

The Fighting Irish defense has just 3 days left to prepare for an experienced and dominant Alabama offense.

"I think if you prepare right, you know, prepare the right way and get our work done, I think we'll be successful,” said Kapron Lewis Moore, Irish defensive end.

Thursday the Irish took to the field for their first practice in Florida-focusing on the specifics of the Alabama offense.

"Great offensive line. They're probably the biggest and most athletic offensive line that we've faced yet so, it'll be good,” said Zeke Motta, Irish safety.

"Their running backs are tremendous with Lacey and Yeldon,” said Lewis-Moore.

"They're an explosive group across the board, they have big play ability,” said Matthias Farley, Irish safety.

With so many areas to focus on, controlling the tide's offense will be essential. But the Irish say their confidence comes from their attitude.

"Passion, intensity. We just love playing this game,” said Motta.

The Irish will practice again Friday afternoon.

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