ABC57's Tim Spears hosted a 'Golden' celebration in Buchanan for the 'Golden Wedding'

NOW: ABC57’s Tim Spears hosted a ’Golden’ celebration in Buchanan for the ’Golden Wedding’

BUCHANAN, Mich. - It was a "Golden" celebration in Buchanan at Tabor Hill Winery where ABC57's Tim Spears hosted a watch party for the "Golden Wedding", which aired Thursday night.

Many folks dressed to the nines to sip some wine and watch Indiana's own Gerry Turner marry his new wife, Theresa.

This invite-only event welcomed dozens out to raise a glass for love.

Diane Vanantwerp, a "Golden Bachelor" fan, stated, "I am close to the age of some of the younger bachelorettes. And I'm encouraged that if something were to ever to happen to my husband, that there is hope of finding, you know, someone a partner, because I don't want to think that my life would ever just stop. You know, I want to be able to continue on an adventure."

Everyone left with their own bottle of wine selected by Tabor Hill.

ABC is already casting for the "Golden Bachelor" season two.

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