Accidental gun deaths with children

A three year old was tragically shot and killed in Benton Township and police believe it was an accident.

Similar accidents are making news nationwide.

The Benton Township case is currently under investigation, but police say they believe the gun accidentally discharged killing the three year old in his own home.  

Earlier this week in Elmo, Missouri, a mother called police saying her five year old son had shot her nine month old with a paintball gun.

She was sadly mistaken, the gun turned out to be real.

That 9 month old had actually been shot in the head with a .22 caliber magnum revolver.  

That five year old found the gun in a bedroom, loaded.

Just last month a mother was killed by her own two year old in the middle of an Idaho Walmart after her child reached into her purse and shot her with her own handgun.

Many times guns are purchased with the intention to protect or for recreational purposes.

No matter the reason gun experts say proper precautions must be taken to prevent tragedies like the ones we have seen recent headlines.

The NRA has the Eddie Eagle Gun safe program, which teaches young kids what to do when they find a gun.  

Their main focus is accident prevention.

The program has workbooks, DVD's, and instructor guides to make the learning process for your child simple.

As for parents, the NRA also lays out a parents guide to responsible gun ownership

Their basic rule is to always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use.

They encourage talking to your child about gun safety as well, especially when guns first spark their curiosity.

If you have a gun in your home keep it locked and make sure the ammunition is kept in a separate place and always be sure the safety on your gun is on.

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