Activists hold "save the children" protest

NOW: Activists hold “save the children“ protest

MISHAWAKA, Ind.--This isn’t the first time that community members have gathered in the recent months to protest towards change, and this time, brought awareness to a topic that participants said isn’t vocalized enough.

“It’s recently been brought to my attention about all of the child sex trafficking going on and how many children stolen each day from their families and how it really does affect how the world is running right now,” participant Sierra Proud said.

Participants were encouraged to create signs and raise their voices and to use their words to create action towards an end to child sex trafficking.

“Bringing the importance, letting everyone know that it does start at home, keep those people away from your children, be aware of what’s going on around you,” Proud said.

“Right now at this every moment, this very second, there is a kid, plenty of kids somewhere in a dark place that doesn’t know how to cope with what they’ve been through,” Organizer Wayne Hubbard said.

According to the Human Trafficking Institute, in 2018 over half of criminal sex trafficking cases involved children, and activists said that enough is enough.

“We need to make it known that our children are not for sale,” Proud said. “ They are not icons of America to be shipped around for people to use as toys, it’s just not ok,” Proud said.

In order to see change, participants said that more discussions and attention on the issue needs to be brought to the table.

Participants also hope that their actions will encourage other cities to do the same.

“I hope that it brings awareness and i hope our government actually pays more attention to what’s going on,” Proud said. “I just ask that you all keep the kids in your head I mean they’re just the most important thing right now and i just don’t understand how children can be used as currency, they’re not currency, they’re our future and they’re our babies!”

Organizers announced that there will be another protest like this one next month outside of the DCS building in South Bend.

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