Adams vs. Riley football game opens to all parents and students after confusion

NOW: Adams vs. Riley football game opens to all parents and students after confusion

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- A Facebook post on the John Adams Eagles’ page stirred up some controversy in the community. Officials with South Bend schools originally decided only Riley and John Adams high school students with student IDs would be allowed into the football game on Friday night.

Security measures were in place at TCU School Field, including on-duty South Bend police officers.

Dan Kedik, parent of an Adams Eagles’ football player, argued anybody should be allowed to attend Friday night’s game.

“It’s part of the community," said Kedick. "All of the four South bend high schools are all apart of the community. They should be able to go and see friends, family members," said Kedick.
Even if there are sometimes rowdy fans or even fights in the stands, the game is the best place for kids to be on a Friday night, according to Kedik.

“If our kids can’t be safe at a South Bend Community School sanctioned event, with administrators there, teachers there, parents there, police officers there, where can they be safe at?," questioned Kedik.
Administrators were worried about safety following recent fights at football games. However, Dr. Todd Cummings, Superintendent for South Bend schools, reversed the announcement and wanted to make one thing clear to the community.

“We wanted to clarify a Facebook post,” said Cummings. “We wanted to assure the community that everyone was welcome at tonight’s game,” explained Cummings.

While Friday night’s football game opened to the public, including students from all schools, Cummings insisted four important rules still applied.

“You need to have and ID,” said Cummings. “You have to buy a ticket, middle schoolers—you have to be with your parents and you have to behave while you’re here,” continued Cummings.

Both South Bend schools and parents wanted to encourage those attending to behave—and not ruin what should be a good time for everyone else.


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