After 3 days closed, LaVille schools to reopen Monday

LAKEVILLE, Ind. -- For three days parents with students in LaVille schools in Lakeville scrambled to find child care for their kids. A broken well pump forced the schools to be closed.

"After having a pump replaced, you have to go through a testing procedure that is a 48 hour process," said Nate McKeand, LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School Principal.

McKeand has been working to get kids in LaVille back to school.

School was closed Friday for a third day after a well pump broke.

The first challenge was getting the pump repaired.

Then they had to make sure the water was safe to drink - and that testing process takes several days.

"Safety's got to be the number one issue here and having these samples ran, that insures student safety," said McKeand.

He said the water has been deemed safe.

"Both of those tests have been confirmed that we have safe water," said McKeand.

With children home from school, this week has been a challenge for parents.

One mother said she's lucky her husband works nights and is home during the day to watch her daughter.

"I work three days a week so we can stay home with her and there's always somebody here," said Diana Sherk, parent of a LaVille Elementary student.

Sherk said she works with a family who had to hire a babysitter these past few days.

"I think it would be hard with the recession and all that, people don't have the extra money," said Sherk.

The water issues did not affect athletic teams. 

The principal said they practiced during the off days but they brought their own water from home.

Because the well has been fixed and the water has been deemed safe, students will return to school Monday.

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