Four Indiana regions will experience high ozone levels June 27

INDIANAPOLIS -- Four Indiana regions will experience high ozone levels on June 27, according to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.

IDEM, which monitors state and federal environmental regulations, has issued an "Air Quality Action Day" in response to elevated ozone levels for the following regions:

Southeast Indiana

Areas: Washington, Scott, Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Jackson, Washington

Northwest Indiana

Areas: LaPorte, Lake, Porter

Northeast Indiana

Areas: Huntington, Allen

North Central Indiana

Areas: Elkhart, St. Joseph

By making changes to daily habits anyone can participate in reducing ozone. IDEM lists several ideas below:

  • Set air conditioner to 75 degrees or higher and turn off lights to conserve energy.
  • Do not idle in your car for more than 30 seconds.
  • Avoid the use of gasoline-powered lawn equipment and refueling vehicles until after 7 p.m.
  • Combine errands in one trip and avoid the use of drive-thrus.
  • Walk, carpool, bike or use public modes or transportation.

Some may experience breathing difficulties or coughing resulting from changes in air quality when ozone levels are high. The elderly, children and those with certain health issues such as heart or lung conditions should reduce heavy workloads when outdoors and avoid overexertion.

Air quality forecasts can be monitored through an informational tool provided by IDEM here.

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