Alaiyah Crockett's father announces her death in heartbreaking FB video

NOW: Alaiyah Crockett’s father announces her death in heartbreaking FB video


In a heartbreaking Facebook live video, the father of Alaiyah Crockett, the toddler who was battered by her mother back in 2014, shares that she passed away this weekend.

“I can’t do this s*** no more. I’m tired. Everybody you probably don’t know. My daughter Alaiyah passed this weekend. I’m letting you all know that I love her and I miss her. This s*** hurt man. It’s like all my babies get taken from me man. I can’t keep doing this s***,” said Micahyah Greer, the father of four-year-old Alaiyah Crockett.

His 11-month old son, Micahyah Crockett, was killed by his own mother, Nyesha Crockett in 2014.

Nyesha Crockett was convicted of murdering her son and battering her daughter, Alaiyah, in April 2016.

Alaiyah has been in a vegetative state since 2014 because of her injuries.

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s office confirms she died on Saturday.

“When you lose your children back to back. Man this s*** f***ing hurts,” said Greer.

In the video, Greer also puts out a plea asking for his Facebook friends’ support as he plans Alaiyah’s funeral.

“All my family, man, I love everyone. I just want ya’ll to pray for me, everybody, just take a moment to pray for me to give me some peace of mind or something, because I don’t know, it’s hard to keep it together right now,” he said.

The viewing for Alaiyah Crockett will be held at Palmer Funeral Home in Mishawaka starting at 10:30 a.m.

The St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s office tells us they’re waiting on preliminary autopsy results before they decide whether or not they will be amending Nyesha Crockett’s charges.

She is currently serving 80 years in prison.

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