Albright’s Cycling & Fitness open for bike repairs and necessities during pandemic

NOW: Albright’s Cycling & Fitness open for bike repairs and necessities during pandemic

MISHAWAKA, Ind.—For over 100 years, Albright’s Cycling and Fitness has kept Michiana riding bikes.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shop is altering its business operations to keep both customers and employees safe.

“We're offering people to call in and they can purchase their bike over the phone and we’re doing free delivery for bikes,” said manager Drew Albright. 

For the Albrights, business is booming and the phone line is busier than ever.

“We've probably sold 50 bikes in the last week and a half, two weeks. It all started when the weather broke a little bit and we got those nicer temperatures. That got people out,” Albright said. “People are looking for something to do, something to get outside and have fun with the family and still practice social distancing and I think you can do that well with a bike.”

As bikes fly off of the racks, the shop is beginning to wonder how they’re going to restock, as many of its warehouses have shut down temporarily.

“It might be mid summer before we see more of these bikes in here,” Albright said.

Because many people use biking as a form of transportation, the Albright’s business is considered essential under Governor Eric Holcomb’s stay-at-home order.

In addition to bike purchases over the phone and free local delivery, customers can bring bikes in for repair and have them picked up from the parking lot so they don’t have to go inside the shop.

The shop sells everything from helmets and baskets to tires and bells. Repair services are still fully available.

Albright said that he hopes people will continue shopping local for their biking needs while staying safe.

“Support your local businesses, whether that’s you’re local pizza place or your local bike shop, just local in general,” Albright said. “They are what hold the community together.”

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