Allegations of misconduct at the center of Friday hearing

NOW: Allegations of misconduct at the center of Friday hearing

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - There will be an evidentiary hearing for Jermaine Munn, Friday, who's attempting to overturn his prison sentence for the 2013 murder of Jarina Bailey.

Munn is pushing for a new trial based on claims that testimony from a jailhouse informant may have been made up with the help of investigators from the now-disbanded St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit. 

In court filings, Munn's attorneys claim there are five witnesses who have knowledge of a coordinated effort by investigators to fabricate testimony with jailhouse informants. 

This follows the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office reaching a settlement with Tyre Bradbury. Prior to the plea agreement signed last week, Bradbury was attempting to overturn his own 60-year murder sentence with claims that a jailhouse informant admitted to lying in sworn testimony by using information fed by investigators. 

After pleading down to a lesser charge of aggravated battery, Bradbury was released from prison based on time served and good behavior. 

While St. Joseph County Prosecutor Ken Cotter has told ABC57 that calling on jailhouse witnesses is rare, Bradbury's former attorney, Brendan Lahey, says they’re quite common in his experience. 

“If I have a client that's in the jail, I tell them not to talk to anybody. Do not show anybody your papers,” Lahey said. “The prosecutor's office loves some jailhouse snitches."

Bradbury was convicted in connection to the death of 2-year-old John Swoveland, Jr. 

Bradbury admitted to supplying the gun that was used in a shootout where a stray bullet killed the boy. A witness claimed Bradbury tried to stop the shooting. 

Lahey hopes Bradbury's unexpected release is an opportunity for a new lease on life. 

"He's lived a tough life for such a young man. And his involvement in this is that he is not the shooter,” Lahey said. “I hope people will give him a chance."

The prosecutor's office has claimed there was no misconduct in these cases. 

Jermaine Munn's hearing is Friday at 1pm. 

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