Alleged burglars caught on camera knocking on doors

NOW: Alleged burglars caught on camera knocking on doors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- ABC57 recently reported about people knocking on doors in the late hours of the night in Erskine Manor and Twyckenham Hills, with the intentions of breaking in.

Now, one man in a neighborhood on the northwest side says he has the same thing happen to him early Friday morning. He said he thinks the incidents could be connected because of the similarities.

“Thursday, going into Friday morning, had an unusual victim come around three or 4 in the morning,” Lundon Person said.

Security footage shows a woman knocking on the front door of his home on Keller Street and proceeding to jiggle the handle to try to get inside.

“Knocked on the door and tugged at it, kind of like she was looking for a way in and then when I asked her name and she just said she needed help,” Person said.

This isn’t the first neighborhood in South Bend experiencing this. Homeowners in Erskine Manor and Twyckenham Hills also reported people knocking on their doors late at night.

“It doesn’t matter the neighborhood, they go all over,” Person said. “Just fortunate enough to have camera to catch this not knowing that this has been going on for some time.”

In both cases, neighbors have reported seeing a group of people walking around during times that are usually quiet.

“From what I could tell there might have been some people in the background because she kept looking behind her like she’s waiting on some kind of signal.”

Police suggest making your home look like there’s someone inside. Keep the lights on and a security system is always a good idea.

“You never know what people are capable of, just don’t answer the door for nobody,” Person said. “If they don’t call first, don’t answer.”

This incident was not reported to police. ABC57 asked the South Bend Police Department if they believe the incidents could be related but a response was not received.

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