Allergy forecast: high numbers in Michiana and across country

Allergy forecast: high numbers in Michiana and across country

If you've found yourself outside sniffling, sneezing, or rubbing your eyes, you're not alone. Allergy and pollen numbers are up across a lot of the United States, including here in Michiana.

Right now, 38% of the United States is in a medium-high allergen level. That's our current level in South Bend.

National allergen levels on March 30, 2021

The scale for allergens and pollen ranges from low to high (makes sense) for how they affect the allergy prone population.

Low means little or no impact. Low-medium levels impact those who are extra sensitive to allergies. Days that fall in the medium category mean most people who suffer from allergies will see symptoms. Medium-high (where we are today) are days where large numbers of people will see allergy symptoms. The highest category means a large number of people will have allergy symptoms, and the symptoms may become more severe.

We've enjoyed the mild temperatures through most of March. The spring green up is starting a little early. The trees and plants waking up early is part of the reason we're seeing allergens and pollen a bit earlier this spring.

Over the next few days, the allergen levels look to decrease slightly before increasing again on Saturday.

If you are prone to those sniffles, keep the tissues handy today with this forecast!

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