Alternatives to flu vaccine

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- With the flu outbreak continuing to get worse, there are some people who are opposed to getting a flu vaccine.

A doctor and his patients in Grand Rapids do not believe in getting the flu vaccine, not just because they don't think it's safe, but they believe that a normal, healthy person, can fight it off if they're ever exposed to it.

This doctor credits his good health to "natropathy" and with this natural lifestyle he says you don't have to catch things like the flu.

"No, we don't do vaccines. Dr. DenBoer says we're fine without them, so we trust him. So far, everybody's been really healthy," said Jenna Wieringa, supports healthy lifestyle.

"We were scorned for that. Since then, evidence has piled up and it's now mainstream medicine," said Doctor Adrian DenBoer, DBC Natural Health Center.

This doctor says he is not opposed to all vaccines but that they should be used sparingly.  He tells his patients to educate themselves before getting vaccinated.

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