American Gothic sculpture installed in Elkhart

A 27,000 pound sculpture based on the painting American Gothic was installed in Elkhart's Central Park on Monday.

The monument, created by artist Seward Johnson, is 25-feet tall.

It is part of a new art exhibit that includes 57 sculptures throughout six communities in Elkhart County.

The exhibit was several thousand dollars, but organizers believe it will boost the county's economy.

"I think it's going to have a multi-million dollar impact. Art is always proven to be an economic booster and any community whether it's large or small where artists and art go, people follow and the economy results in very positive changes for that," said Brian Byrn, the curator.

The exhibit is meant to be interactive. A map is available for visitors to use as a treasure hunt to find all 57 sculptures.

The exhibit will be up until October 20th, but the city is discussing making some of the sculptures permanent.

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