American Red Cross in Elkhart sends volunteers to Kokomo

ELKHART, Ind. -- A local chapter of the American Red Cross is doing their part to help those affected by Sunday’s tornadoes.

It was a busy day at the American Red Cross in Elkhart County, as emergency services director Kimberly Stout continues to send volunteers down to Kokomo and surrounding counties.

She said the number of homes damaged is now in the triple digits.

“They absolutely need a place to stay if they can’t afford a hotel or if they don’t have insurance, or family and friends. You need a place to go," said Stout.

And that is exactly what she’s working to provide.

Shelters there are now open providing food and a warm place to stay.

Joe Boals has been volunteering in Kokomo since Tuesday, assessing damage and working at shelters.

“What I have seen in the shelters I’ve been working in is a great community effort. Communities in the local areas have really pulled together to help out their own,” he said.

Boals sees the compassion that neighbors are showing one another as an important step in their recovery.

“It takes a community to rebuild and get back on its feet, of people helping people, neighbors helping neighbors. That’s what it takes to recover from something like this," said Boals.

The American Red Cross Elkhart Chapter plans to send a total four to five volunteers by the end of the week, as they try to support our neighbors through this tough time.

“Of course if it is your house that is hit by a tornado or even by strong winds, it’s a very personal thing. It’s a personal disaster,” said Stout.

And if you would like help out the Red Cross is asking for monetary donations to best accommodate everyone’s needs.

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