An Elkhart boy gets a family on National Adoption Day

Every year hundreds of kids in the state of Indiana wait for a family to call their own. On Friday ABC57 had the rate opportunity to witness one boy’s days of waiting finally come to an end.

For children as young as two years old, that is when the adoption process starts to become more difficult. On Friday morning 13-year-old Jake Stahl became a part of a new family. 

“We are really excited to have Jake forever as a part of our family,” says Tara Stahl, the woman adopting Jake. 

Tara and her husband John Stahl have waited three years to become official parents to Jake and because of his age he falls into the special needs adoption program.

“We are definitely in need of adoptive homes especially for the older kids,” says Jennifer Savage who works with the Special Needs Adoption Program with the Department of Child Services. 

Savage says there are about 150 kids in the state of Indiana who are ready for adoptive families.

About 80% of those are 11 years or older and 25% of those are in sibling groups. 
“Just because they are older don’t rule them out,” says Savage. 
Savage explained that just at the tender age of two kid’s chances of being adopted drop significantly.

“We see a lot of sadness in our courts and this is an opportunity to celebrate what life is supposed to be about its supposed to be about love and patience and guidance and families,” says Magistrate Deborah Domine, with Elkhart Circuit Court.
Magistrate Domine says she wishes situations like Jake’s would happen more often and that more families would step up to become parents to kids who need them.
For more information on how to become an adoptive parent click here

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