An interactive look at the energy-efficiency of South Bend

President Barack Obama is pushing solar energy for low and middle-income communities nationwide.

The President says by the year 2020, loans will be made available for panels to be installed in federally subsidized housing.

“We’ve got to lead by example. Invest in the future,” says President Obama.

Since South Bend is dubbed “The 21st Century City” it’s no surprise the city has already caught on to the energy-efficient trend of solar panels.

On the city’s website, there is an interactive map listing all of the areas where energy-saving infrastructure has been installed.

One of the areas is Indiana University South Bend’s campus parking lots.

The lots have pervious pavement installed which mean it absorbs rain water instead of causing standing water.

They also have “no-mow” plants surrounding the lots, meaning they don't require to be mowed.

The benefits of this to name a few are improving the quality of ground and surface waters, providing natural storm water management, and reducing air pollution.

A lot of these energy-saving installations could be transferred to your home to help your energy bill decrease, as well.

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