Analysis: Breaking down Notre Dame's top talent in the 2020 NFL Combine

Analysis: Breaking down Notre Dame’s top talent in the 2020 NFL Combine

INDIANAPOLIS – Sunday is the final day of the 2020 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis where many Notre Dame Athletes were invited.

Tyler James, a writer for ND Insider, gave his thoughts on the great turnout at the event.

“They started off really good with their testing numbers. It seems like since Matt Balis came and started Notre Dame’s strength and conditioning program that he impacted people and helped when it came to combine events. It’s really an impressive showing,” James said.

Wide Receiver Chase Claypool gave a fantastic show based on his opportunity, but James believes it is difficult to gauge just how far he will go.

“It’s tough for him because this wide receiver class is supposed to be loaded, it seems like he could go in the third round. He seems like he’s better than a third round player but there are so many receiver teams that might have to be patient,” James said.

Notre Dame’s Alohi Gilman showed a lot of great character over the course of the weekend, but he is also a very versatile player on the field. James remarked that any of his shortcomings are overcome by his passion and drive.

“He’s a great leader. Some people may be questioning his physical abilities but he did have some impressive mile-per-hour rates in the Senior Bowl, which might be important for him. He’s not the biggest or strongest guy, but he plays with a lot of passion that will definitely translate to whatever team he goes to,” James said.

Once April rolls around and the chips fall after the NFL Draft, James said he believes Jalen Elliot will end up surprising a lot of individuals from Notre Dame.

“Elliot has a great opportunity. He tells us he’s one of the most versatile Defensive Backs and I think he’ll have a chance to show that. Safeties are asked to do a lot now in the NFL, and Jalen isn’t coming in here as the most touted guy but he’s a guy that will have a pretty good career in the NFL,” James said.

James said that having nine players from Notre Dame at the event shows that the program at Notre Dame as a whole is finding a lot of success.

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