Annual 'after the holidays' dinner being held in Elkhart

Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, an Elkhart tradition is coming into play. The 4th annual South Side Inc. Holiday Dinner is a dinner put on in partnership with the Elkhart Chapter of the Indiana Black Expo, La Casa and McDonalds for a free evening of good food, neighborhood comradery and conversation.

Organizers say there are still some families out there that need a little help now that the holiday is over, and with the assistance of Olive Garden and the Faith Mission, this event is another way to make things a little better.

“The South Side Annual Dinner provides a unique opportunity for people of the entire community to come together in a spirit of fellowship and sharing. People from all backgrounds in the community help put on and host the dinner for all people in the community. Come out and join in the fun,” said South Side Inc. board member Doug Mulvaney.

The 4th annual South Side Inc. Holiday Dinner is being held on Sunday, January 7th at the Historical Roosevelt Building on Indiana Ave, starting at 5:00PM.

Anyone interested in volunteering to serve food, or provide a dish, please contact Robert Taylor at 574-226-4328.

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