Anonymous donation helps Elkhart residents relocate

NOW: Anonymous donation helps Elkhart residents relocate

ELKHART, Ind. --

A generous donation is helping families in Elkhart find homes after redevelopment of an apartment building in downtown Elkhart informed them they need to move.

Many people living in the Cornerstone Apartment building, formerly Hotel Elkhart, say they knew they would have to relocate at some point, but were still shocked to see a written notice last week giving 30 days to move out.

Tenants were concerned how they could afford to move in such a short time. Some of them didn’t know how to start the process of relocating.

The Salvation Army in Elkhart has been doing what it can while working with residents for a few weeks.

Many of the people are living in the apartments are elderly or disabled and said what they needed most was money to help cover relocation costs.

Thanks to a donation from an anonymous donor in Elkhart County, the Salvation Army now has those funds. A donation of $50,000 was given to the nonprofit last week.

"For us here at the Salvation Army, and I know those a part of our interdisciplinary group working with these folks in these apartments, it was more than just a breath of fresh air,” said Lt. Shawn DeBaar with the Salvation Army. “It was really an answer to prayer for us to be able to sit down and know that there's no limitation for us serving these people in need because the funds are now there to take care of everything."

The Salvation Army is working with the residents to distribute the money. All of it will go to the residents.  

Several cases have already been opened to help. Social workers with the Salvation Army are working with tenants step by step.

“"We may be helping them with finding that new place to live depending on their budgetary considerations,” said Lt. DeBaar. “We may be helping them with getting into the place with the help of first month's rent, deposit, utility deposit, those type of things. We may be walking through getting a company to move them."

The Salvation Army is making sure to spread the money to help as many people as possible. Those in need of assistance can reach out to the Salvation Army.

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