Anthem scam alert

 Local River Park resident Cassie Walker started getting phone calls and voice mails from a number she didn't recognize.

And when she listened to the voice mails she heard this:

"Good morning, this is Nadie from Anthem Health and I'm calling for Ms. Walker and it's important that you call us back as soon as possible at this number."

Cassie Walker told ABC 57 News "I couldn't even understand what department she was from or her name."

So, Walker called the number back. At that time she says,"she asked me to verify my date of birth and my social security number."

But she knew better than to give any of that information out over the phone. We first told you right after the breach was announced, that Anthem will contact anyone who's data may have been accessed in letters sent through the mail. And never over the phone or through email.

Walker said, "she got very defensive about it and I was like 'can you tell me what this call is about?' and she said you know it's about your premium that you have to pay. I said 'okay you can send me a bill' and she's like we have sent you bills you haven't responded to them."

Walker knew this was not true because her premium was paid through Obama Care.

"So I was like 'Okay well if you want you can contact the White House about it' and she got really angry. She's like this is really serious. So I told her 'it is really serious that she was scamming me and that I had her phone number and I can report her to the authorities' and she just hung up."
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