Anticipation building for the annual Notre Dame Blue-Gold game as players await to play in front of fans and family

NOW: Anticipation building for the annual Notre Dame Blue-Gold game as players await to play in front of fans and family

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- Notre Dame football anxious to put on their pads and get on the gridiron for their annual Blue-Gold game in front of fans and family.

"It’ll be fun to get over in the stadium for the first time. There’s no doubt about it. You can feel the history when you walk through the tunnel, with nobody in there. So, let alone I wonder how that will feel with one of the finest fan bases in the country," said Tight Ends Coach Gerad Parker.

Parker joined the team as part of the new coaching group under Marcus Freeman.

"New head coach obviously we coming out here kind of a little bit of a new practice per se and spring has been fantastic so far. Obviously new tight end Coach Parker has been fantastic. We’ve been learning a bunch of new things in the tight end room," said tight end Michael Mayer.

Mayer is one of elite names in the college football world.

During his sophomore year, Mayer was tied for the most touchdowns on the team with seven in 12 games. He also led the team with 71 receptions.

"I think that there’s probably going to be a huge repeat of that in some ways to make sure that we use the guys in this offense to help us make plays and score points, said Parker.

When it comes to the national comparisons, Mayer’s six catches per game placed him at second amongst all tight end in the country, along with several other stats that rank top ten.

When it comes to a player of his caliber, the one thing everyone wants to know is how can he get better in his junior season and what does that look like with a new coach for his position.

"I think any time you coach a great player, a guy that’s proven himself that well, I think the whole key to it is finding what makes him tick and make sure, because all he wants to do is get better. You know he’s hungry to get better so I think for me it’s just been a really good challenge to come in everyday because I know if I’m not right and ready to coach him and coach that room, they’ll get you," said Parker.

Those coaching qualities are something that the star tight end appreciates and needs in order to continue his success.

"Just because you make the play, he won’t let things get through. Like I can run a 20 yard route, catch it, he’ll say good catch but and there’s always a but to everything. Which is what I like because I can always learn from it," said Mayer.

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