Ardmore neighbors looks at next steps

NOW: Ardmore neighbors looks at next steps


Train talks continue in South Bend.

Friday, folks living in the Ardmore community discussed next steps in their push to stop the South Shore Line’s planned re-routing through their neighborhood.

“Make our community better, that’s all wonderful ideas, but personally, don’t tear up my neighborhood,” said neighbor Michael Harradon. “To them it’s just houses, to us, this is our community, and these are our homes.”

Back in September, neighbors took that message to the county-city building.

They protested outside this building until they got results.

That evening, the common council and mayor decided to halt re-routing plans until a survey had been conducted.

Neighbors say it’s a victory but the battle continues.

“I think that we are kind of waiting to hear from the city, if it’s going to go ahead with an alternate route,” said neighbor Karen Kazmierzak.

While they wait, they continue to organize.

Quite a few folks filled the Ardmore LaSalle Church of Christ sanctuary Friday, preparing for an outcome they might not like.

“The potential that there may be legal fees as a necessity in this is an overwhelming fact, that a lot of our neighbors can’t afford legal fees so we’re forced to do a fund raising event,” said Harradon.

The plan is to sell food and goods two weeks from Saturday.

They say they will do whatever it takes to save their homes.

But they’re hoping they can find solutions with the city’s help.

“Let’s work together, let’s solve this as citizens all working together,” said neighbor Richard Collins.

The mayor was invited to Friday’s meeting but was not available to attend.

He responded with this statement sent to ABC 57 News:

"The city of South Bend is working to engage with an independent transportation consultant as outlined by the south bend common council resolution on September 11. We want to make absolutely sure that we are selecting the right route."

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