Armed robbers put bullet in ceiling, threaten six people with gun

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Monday night got scary for group of young men gathering in a South Bend home watching a football game when two men barged in, put a bullet in the ceiling, and demanded cash, cell phones, and wallets.

Two men who live in the home, located on the 1000 block of Foster Street, told ABC 57 the suspects yelled at the two of them and their four friends, who were hanging out in living room, to get down on the floor. But when they could not get into one of the bedrooms, the armed suspect confronted one of the roommates and put a gun to his head.
The victim said the robber starting counting down from five, and when the man got to “two,” he cooperated. He said and the suspect rummaged through dresser drawers and was able to get more cash from the bedroom.
The tense moments did not end there, though.
The residents told ABC 57 the armed man then pointed the gun at everyone in the living room, and shoved them all in the bathroom, telling them to get down on the floor.
The suspects shut the door, and left on foot.
The victims said the men got away with a laptop, three cell phones, two wallets, and hundreds in cash.
As of Tuesday morning, South Bend Police had not made any arrests in connection to the armed robbery.
No one was injured.

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